On New York City

I remember when New York City was my partner in crime. Sure it had its rich and its poor, the wannabe’s and already there’s but it had an aura that’s been stifled recently by a storm of destruction and construction, much of which is disheartening and soul snatching.

Sure you can still buy a sandwich or a slice of pizza at three in the morning and yes, you can dance the night away in some dark nightclub. But the sandwich place or pizzeria or dark nightclub are located on a generic street you’d see in any municipality. New York City doesn’t scream New York anymore. It screams New York City, sponsored by <insert the major corporation of your choice here.>

But I am here today and I will take pictures and reminisce about what was. I’ll think of my old friends taking on the city by storm every Saturday night because those are good memories.

I’m a time traveler today.

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