The Meeting

I’m not very good at first impressions. I’m not the best dresser or very articulate in my opinion. This is why I avoid formally meeting people. I prefer the wave across the room or the meaningful nod over the hi-how-are-you handshake.

Someone I met many years ago on the internet has somehow found a way to step out from the internet and into real life and she wants to meet me this coming Saturday. There’s always this rush of initial excitement when meetings are proposed but that dissipates into a sea of anxiety and dread. I dread this meeting partly because (a) I’m not the best dresser and, (b) I’m not very articulate. In my opinion.

As the day approaches I feel much more at ease for you see, I’ve not heard from the other party and that could mean a reprieve. I’ve started to make tentative plans (all to be carried out by myself) in preparation for this much anticipated and highly sought-after snub. I won’t get too excited until the snub is official.

Maybe I should see someone about this.

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