I returned home this afternoon with two pizza pies and a six pack of Coke. After eating half of both of the pizza pies, I took some pain meds (to combat my recent battle with arthritis) and drifted off to sleep.

I heard myself snoring. It was jarring. To say that it sounded like a locomotive barreling through my bedroom is an understatement. But it was less jarring than the scream I let out during one of my nightmares.

My mother once told me that if you dreamt about the dead that it was not long before you found yourself with them. I dreamt of my mother and grandmother last night and they are both dead. They were not the nightmares. They were pleasant dreams. I fell into the same role as when I was a child but I was an adult.

Shadows converged from both sides of a corridor I was walking through. They reached for my throat and suffocated me. I let out a loud scream both within my dream and without.

That was one of my nightmares.

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