The Advice

A young man of about twenty-five years old began a conversation with me on a bus queue last night as I was trying to maintain my invisibility.

He was taking a later bus than usual because he was presented with the opportunity to hang with a girl he fancies. The girl just broke up with her boyfriend (as in a few hours before) and he was mulling over how best to make his move. He asked for my advice. Fool.

I said, “Ask her to the company gathering you mentioned but only as a friend. Embrace that. Don’t even think about asking her if she likes you or attempting to kiss her unless you see the runway lights. Be a friend until you both feel like it’s all falling into place. Patience, my young padawan.”

I could tell that he hated my advice because he kept saying, “But that’s not me.” So I said, “Okay. Invite her to your gathering, attempt to kiss her repeatedly, and ask her if she likes you over and over and over again and see how far that gets you.”

Advice given, I wished him well, and went back to working on my invisibility.

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