I feel like it went from extremely warm to extremely cold in a few short days. It has but it all seems like such a mirage. How could it have changed in such a short period of time? Well, it’s Earth and the Northeast United States tends to get chilly during this time of year.

The cold doesn’t effect me unless there’s wind attached to it. And there is wind. Planes landing have been aborted, construction site accidents have happened, it’s windy. I can vouch for that.

I love jumping into bed with a many blankets as possible. It’s a security thing. I know that. The more blankets I have on top of me, the more likely that I will be warm and well protected should the ceiling cave in. Last night I dreamt that Russian President Vladimir Putin was having an affair with Hillary Clinton and that the prospects of her becoming president scared him so much that he did everything he could to have Trump elected. Weird dream and probably the only telltale sign that this past election has taken a great chunk of my well being.

Hoping for better dreams tonight.




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