I’m watching The Rockford Files. I love Jim Rockford and James Garner.

I had an uncle once who was the spitting image of James Garner. He was my cousin’s stepfather. My cousin and all of us never knew his real dad so this guy (who was Uncle Mike) was his dad and our uncle.

Uncle Mike was a great guy. He worked nights as an orderly at a NYC hospital and slept during the day. We’d have to tippy toe all day at my cousin’s apartment when we visited. The living room TV was always barely audible. But since Uncle Mike was home all day he was tasked to pick me up from school every day.

One day, Uncle Mike and my Aunt Nelly broke up. Just like that. The last time I saw Uncle Mike was at my mom’s funeral, over twenty years ago. My cousin lost contact with him too. He just “went away.”

Today Uncle Mike is either dead or in his late 70′s. I hope he’s in his late 70′s. He was a good guy. He used to take me bike riding and to the park which was huge because I didn’t have a dad around. He was the only male adult in our family circle who acted like a dad for all us younglings.

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