On Baseball…

I love playing the sore loser on social media. It’s entertaining and I’m big on entertaining on social media.

The truth is I’m a big baseball fan and my team is the New York Yankees. I’m more of a baseball fan than a Yankees’ fan because it’s for the betterment of the game and for my well-being.

With that said, after following the Yankees all season, I think this team is the real deal. This year was their 1995. They were testing the waters and did more than anyone expected. And with the freeing of some payroll, they are poise to make moves that might result in playoff runs for the foreseeable future and maybe a few championships.

My National League team is the Los Angeles Dodgers. I was born in Brooklyn and Brooklyn has always held a special place in my heart. About twenty years ago I read a few books about the Brooklyn Dodgers. I fell in love. What a great team, what a great organization. The old Brooklyn team was a neighborhood team. Some of the players literally lived in and around the Ebbets Field neighborhood amongst the fans. They were gritty and blue collar and not at all like the business-like New York Yankees. It was why it hurt so much when they headed out west.

I’ll root for the Dodgers this year as I did in 1988 against the A’s. I didn’t root for them in ‘77, 78 and ‘81 because they went against my Yankees and I’m not mental, ya know.

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