The Oscars

I cannot remember last year’s Best Picture winner without Googling it. I haven’t Googled it because I want to remember on my own.

I know it’s a film about a young black man’s sexuality and I know that Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty thought La La Land won. I know there was a point during the year when I wanted to see it but didn’t. I guess I didn’t make the time for it. I did make the time for La La Land which I thought was brilliant.

I keep thinking that the movie was called Get Out but I know it wasn’t. I didn’t see Get Out either.

Also, I can count on two hands the Best Picture winners in my lifetime that have moved me and I can see over and over and over again.

1971 – The French Connection

1972 – The Godfather

1974 – The Godfather Part II

1976 – Rocky

1977 –  Annie Hall

1979 – Kramer vs Kramer

1988 – Rainman

1993 – Schindler’s List

2006 – The Departed

2014 – Birdman

The others were great, are worth a viewing or two, but didn’t rock my world.

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