“At present, out of the world’s nearly 200 constitutions, three still include a right to bear arms: Guatemala, Mexico, and the United States; of these three, only the last does not include explicit restrictive conditions.”

I think we will never see the kind of gun control in the United States that will make it impossible to carry out a mass shooting. If it didn’t happen after Columbine, or Sandy Hook, it won’t happen after Stoneman Douglas HS.

Maybe two or three generations from now Americans will work on repealing the Second Amendment or add “explicit restrictive conditions” that will hinder the madman from carrying out bloodshed.

I just don’t think that a country who recently elected a neophyte as president is capable enough to make changes that will prevent mass shootings.

But, but, I am very impressed by the voices that came out of the most recent tragedy. I can listen to some of them all day. Maybe what they are is the rumble that precedes a great wall’s crumbling. Maybe they will make the process go much faster than the previous voices. I’m optimistic yet guardedly so.

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