I put lots of planning into sleeping. Do I sleep during the night, sleep all day? Will I be productive one way or another.

It’s coming up on 10 AM. I’m alone at the kitchen table writing this. The show Lucifer is playing on my iPad. I wanted to reacquaint myself with it. There is beer. Being conscious of when I drink due to the pills I’ve been popping is easy. Avoiding alcohol has been my way. Today I felt like a few beers wouldn’t hurt and, besides, I’m not working on Friday. Beer. It’s been awhile. And there’s an abundance of recovery time ahead.

I can both months and months without drinking a beer but there’s always the concert that’d pick one up and finish up a case or two. It has happened in the past.

But it’s a box, it’s Heineken ( and not some high powered beer that could knock me out after about ten of them). At some point the beer will become one with meds I took and then I’m off to bed. I’ll be safe. The bed is just around the corner.

Beats having to take mass transit to it.


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