iPhone, Etc.

What I always lose focus on is not “do I need a new iPhone” (because frankly, when I upgrade, I never do) but “what is it that I use the iPhone for.”

I use my iPhone like a mini computer, like an iPad. I have three iPads (”small,” “medium” and “large”) and one iPhone. My iPad mini is small enough to make it convenient to carry around. I always carry my MacBook Air, just in case. (in case what, I do not know. I fear not having a real computer with me if I need it, okay?!!)

I don’t use a lot of storage on my iPhone because I utilize iCloud when I can. The photos I take are uploaded to the iCloud a mere hours after they are taken because if they stay on my iPhone, I’d likely delete them by accident.

I rarely receive phone calls but when I do, they are sent to VM. I need to be prepared to talk to people. I can’t just take a call “on-the-fly” (thank you, anxiety.)

What I do need from an iPhone is lots of data (unlimited, please), the ability to take decent photos, and enough storage to download the apps I use (which are a lot). I need a stable iOS which is a challenge when working with a Developer account. Larger screens? Nice, but unnecessary. Screens that look like I’m looking through a window? Nice, but what I have is a-okay.

I had the original Apple Watch up to a month ago or so. It was fine. For what I do with a smart watch it worked just fine. I upgraded and now I have an Apple Watch that includes a data plan. It’s cool because I admittedly have n iPhone addiction and having the ability to leave it home and still be connected is good. Safe, even. What if something happens and you need to make an emergency call? Or text?

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