September 12

A Few Things For Today

I just woke up so this is going to be a shoot from the hip kinda thing…

1. I’m happy with the phone I have. I’m happy with the watch I have. The upgrades aren’t enough to make me upgrade at this time.

I’m not huge on facial recognition. The one thing I miss from having fingerprint recognition is that I pick up my phone with a finger on the home button and it opens. I’m impatient. Waiting for facial recognition to open my screen seems to take forever. For me. In reality, it’s probably a second or two more than the fingerprint thing.

2. I love Henry Cavill as a person and as an actor. I even love everything he’s done too. Except Superman. That whole Cinematic Universe is fucked. It’s a mess of average-to-below average films. I think he’s going to have a fantastic career moving forward and that starring in really bad Superman films would hinder that.

FYI: I don’t see him as Bond but it doesn’t matter who I think should play Bond because they always choose someone I never thought could play Bond. Except Brosnan and he wasn’t very good at it which shows what I know.

3. Don’t form an opinion solely on what you read on social media. Most social media is a snapshot of what YOU’VE decided to have on your stream, news feed, whatever. Go out there, surf. Go to news sources you’d never think of visiting. I hate Fox News but I visit that propaganda website everyday.

4. Puerto Rico. Maria. Three thousand dead, a year without power. He calls this “an unappreciated success.” Wow.

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