Things I Learned While Sleeping

Tumblr is not a blogging site. It’s social media lite. If we had the ability to reply to posts like on Facebook, it would be a full-on social media site. Minus the ability to approve or disapprove followers from the minute they try to follow you. Go private on Tumblr? Block? Don’t make me laugh.

Instagram used to be a photo-sharing site. Not anymore. It’s a social media site. It’s a Facebook clone minus the ability to post text posts. It’s also Facebook plus the ability to go private.

Twitter is a news site. You might use it as a social media site but I use it for news and blurting things out that I’d normally blurt out when alone. I used to use it as a social media site but I don’t anymore. I share what I write and blurt things out.

Snapchat. Where do I begin? If you’re interested in Snapchat done right, join Instagram. (Full disclosure: invested in Snapchat at its IPO and lost more cash that I would have imagined. I went from a thousand-aire to a hundred-aire.)

VSCO. Photo-sharing site. Flickr. Same. I love VSCO because it’s simple and not full of all the bells and whistles Instagram possesses. It’s like “post your photos, look around and get outta here.”

WordPress. Blogger site. ’nuff said.

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