Shopping Spree

For a few weeks, I’ve purchased a handful of films. Most of them have been old films. Hitchcock, especially. There are a few directors that I must own all of their work. Kubrick, Spielberg, Huston to name a few. I’m almost done collecting Spielberg’s films. I think 1941 and Bridge of Spies are the last ones I need. I’m on the fence with 1941 because I didn’t enjoy it when I first saw it. But I must have them all, right?

A few years ago I bought all of the Bond films, including those that I probably will see once in a few years. It’s my thing to own a whole collection if I can afford it. I own the Star Wars prequels and I can’t think of the last time I pulled them out and gave them a look. But Hitchcock and Spielberg? They’re something else.

It dawned on me the other day that Halloween is just around the corner. I have a decent horror film collection but what bugs me is that I only have the first Halloween. It’s my favorite. The others feel disconnected from the first one. Should I buy the rest of them? Ugh. I don’t know. It bugs me to have only one when there are a gazillion of them. I have all the Friday the 13th’s though. Go figure. I think I bought them during a sale.

These films get pulled out every Halloween. Not that I wouldn’t see them during the rest of the year but there’s something about watching horror films during the month of October. Am I right?

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