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Five Things

In a few weeks, my work schedule will change. It’s bittersweet but I’m glad that it’s changing in the new year. New beginnings and all that. I fell asleep early yesterday and woke up entirely too early. If I don’t take a nap before… Continue Reading “Five Things”

Rabbit Hole

A few days ago, a rabbit’s hole. This time I feel into an internet rabbit’s hole filled with high school memories and the desire to look up some of the people that I came across back then. What started this fall? Curiosity. A Pennsylvania… Continue Reading “Rabbit Hole”

Two bars, side by side, in the West Village. Arthur’s is a place where you can wind down and have a conversation or two. The place on the right, well, when I’ve visited I’ve had a rip-roaring good time. Live bands, beer and whiskey… Continue Reading “”


When I was sixteen years old I volunteered at a youth crisis center that was in that building over that closed “Turned Up” store. The building is condemned now and it probably should had been condemned when I was sixteen but it was what it… Continue Reading “Blanca”

The Swings

When I was a kid I saw a girl get hit in the head by one of those swings (which, for some reason back then, were made of metal and on hot sunny days they became as hot as a stove top). Someone was… Continue Reading “The Swings”

My Old Bedroom

I lived in this building from 1975-1980. That arrow points to my old bedroom. My old bedroom had a small bed, and a black and white TV that sat on a rickety, wooden cabinet made by my dad. It was basically a few slabs… Continue Reading “My Old Bedroom”

Working Papers

In 1984, I was eligible to get my working papers. Here is the public school that I visited to achieve this milestone. I stood in line with a bunch of people my age armed with my medical records and a desire to earn a… Continue Reading “Working Papers”

  Forty years ago today and around this time, my mother and I walked over to our neighborhood newspaper stand to buy the early edition of the New York Daily News. That was something she liked doing. I had no opinion on the subject.… Continue Reading “”