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On “Locker Room Talk”

When I was a young boy there were kids around me who thought that being a real man meant not only bed a girl but sharing every intimate detail with their friends.  I remember being within earshot of their boasts … Continue reading

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On Relationships

“You can’t just chop up the aspects of a relationship into discrete parts and select the ones you want like a buffet.” I’ve been binge watching Parks and Recreation for a few weeks now and that’s a quote from an … Continue reading

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The Advice

A young man of about twenty-five years old began a conversation with me on a bus queue last night as I was trying to maintain my invisibility. He was taking a later bus than usual because he was presented with … Continue reading

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Without You

This morning the alarm rang three times before I finally summoned the strength to get up. The cats were scratching on my bedroom door. There was food in their bowls but apparently it wasn’t good enough for them so, in … Continue reading

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There are those moments in the day when I agree with you. Things wouldn’t work between us even if we tried. But then there other moments when I believe there is something there, something bigger than the both of us … Continue reading

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