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Rabbit Hole

A few days ago, a rabbit’s hole. This time I feel into an internet rabbit’s hole filled with high school memories and the desire to look up some of the people that I came across back then. What started this fall? Curiosity. A Pennsylvania… Continue Reading “Rabbit Hole”

Memorial Day

Every Memorial Day I think of the young men from past wars who received a notice in the mail to report to their local draft board and get ready for war. I can’t imagine that; getting a letter to report, packing up, and going.… Continue Reading “Memorial Day”

Once Upon A Time

I’ve always wanted to write a story that began with “Once upon a time.” There has never been a story that started with “Once upon a time” that hasn’t grabbed me. What will happen, I always ask myself? And with that I am whisked away, like an… Continue Reading “Once Upon A Time”


There are those moments in the day when I agree with you. Things wouldn’t work between us even if we tried. But then there other moments when I believe there is something there, something bigger than the both of us and that we are… Continue Reading “You”

This Morning

I didn’t wake up with a lot on my mind. I usually do. I used to be preoccupied with the future but not so much anymore. Tomorrow is not guaranteed and I’ve embrace that. The plans I make relate more to the immediate future. So… Continue Reading “This Morning”