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I don’t know what to do with this site but I will think of something. 

Random Memory

This block was on Seventh Avenue on Times Square. I want to say this picture was taken around 1993-94. The theatre on the right was a weird theatre. I posted about it a while back. Each theatre ran up the building and the screen… Continue Reading “Random Memory”

The Exorcist

A few nights ago I purchased The Exorcist on Blu Ray. It will be the first time I have owned the film on any format. This is important and I will tell you why. In 1974 my parents got into an argument. My mother… Continue Reading “The Exorcist”


I mean no disrespect (to that end, I will likely disrespect some with what I am about to write), but I don’t get the “thoughts and prayers” thing. I get ‘thoughts’ because quite honestly, I’ve done everything I could to avoid thinking too hard about… Continue Reading “Thoughts”

As someone who has witnessed Parkinson’s Disease ravage two once-productive members of my family, I am somewhat relieved that this great man’s suffering has ended.   He is one of only a handful of athletes who transcended the sport he represented. He became a… Continue Reading “”


I try not to regret things. Bad or good, what happened has happened. Good things end, bad things end. I must be grateful because these things mold me into who I am. I am growing. I am a living, breathing person, made of flesh… Continue Reading “Untitled”

The Impressive Wall

He built a huge wall around his house. It’s an impressive wall, a wall that people admire. But a crime has been committed. There is a good possibility that learning about what motivated the crime is beyond his impressive wall and in his stately… Continue Reading “The Impressive Wall”

Birthday Stories

My mother threw a surprise birthday party for my fifteenth birthday. It was then that I realized how much I detested my birthday and how much I wanted to celebrate, for lack of a better word, on my own terms. It was a disaster.… Continue Reading “Birthday Stories”


Tomorrow will be the twenty-first anniversary of my mother’s passing. We were very close though we often did not see eye to eye. Recently I’ve drawn comparisons between my mother’s life and the one I’m chugging along with. I left home around the time… Continue Reading “Mom”


I ran to the bus today. I left my office with only nineteen minutes to spare. I ran one block to the crosstown train and several blocks to the bus terminal. I made it with only one minute to spare. I was covered in… Continue Reading “Saturday “