Thinking about the late, great Adam West on this Father’s Day. I am also thinking about hamburgers.

Before a baseball player throws a tantrum that forces the umpire to throw him out of the game, I hope they think about little Abigail and her broken heart. Abigail, at her first Major League Ballgame, saw her favorite player, Joey Votto, thrown out of the game in the first inning for arguing a check-swing... Continue Reading →

One of the crowning achievements of my life was in grammar school. I put one of these on my friend’s chair while he was writing something on the blackboard. He came back to his desk, sat on it, and howled like a wounded animal. Fun times.


I’m looking forward to this weekend. It’s my first weekend off in a very long time. I think my last one was in May. There's lots of TV viewing and reading on the plan, along with some chores. Exciting, I know, but it's my life, and I like living on the edge.

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