A Few Things

We The People

“We the people” did not include everyone. They were the rich, property owners. It did not include the poor, the women, the slaves or the indentured servants. A few days ago while responding to a question, former Secretary of State Colin Powell said of the president, “It is not ‘we the people’ with him, it’s ‘me the president.’ I know what he meant but I found it interesting how the phrase “We the people” has evolved in the last two hundred plus years.

It took two hundred years from the time it was handful of British colonies until it became the United States of America to end slavery/indentured servitude. In 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King and 250,000 people marched on Washington DC for equal rights and four years ago, in 2015, Dylann Roof murdered nine black worshipers at a Charleston, SC church. Recently, white people of various walks of life were recorded berating blacks, questioning their right to be in certain neighborhoods.

The long road to the end of racism has just begun.


There are many who believe that the accessibility of guns is an absolute right, a god-given right even. It is like the Constitution of the United States was not written by mere men, but by celestial beings who bestowed upon us the Bill of Rights as if they were Commandments handed directly from God. And, of course, there are the ones who believe that it is not and that gun ownership should be curbed.

Gun ownership should be allowed to a select few, a vetted few. I should not be able to walk into a gun store, have a haphazard background check done and walk out with as many guns as I could afford. Some, not all states, allow this. My home state does.

With all due respect to those who own guns for sport, but I don’t believe in killing animals for sport. With all due respect to the conspiracy theorist who believe they arm themselves in case of government uprising, but if the government attacked its people it would be an effortless one. It would be a bloodless one. First the power would go, then the internet. Why would they waste bullets on us when we’d likely go do easier when we couldn’t access our Netflix?

The United States leads the world in mass shootings. The gun laws that allow people easy access to firearms and our mental health system is to blame. Hand in hand.


Vote. It’s free, it can be fun, and it might make you feel like part of your community if you do. And usually, if you go early enough, you might see the people who are running waiting in line with you to vote. I’m a Democrat but I don’t care who you vote for. Do it. Vote your values. Do a little Google search, learn who’s running and learn their platforms. Vote intelligently.

In the 2018 midterm elections, there was little change in the voting statistics; the 18-35 year old did not vote as heavily as we thought and the older voters showed up in droves. It’s a shame that those in that age range leave all the voting for the “old folks” like me. You have so much life to live, so much rides on your vote. Not just now, but at every voting cycle.

Shopping Spree

For a few weeks, I’ve purchased a handful of films. Most of them have been old films. Hitchcock, especially. There are a few directors that I must own all of their work. Kubrick, Spielberg, Huston to name a few. I’m almost done collecting Spielberg’s films. I think 1941 and Bridge of Spies are the last ones I need. I’m on the fence with 1941 because I didn’t enjoy it when I first saw it. But I must have them all, right?

A few years ago I bought all of the Bond films, including those that I probably will see once in a few years. It’s my thing to own a whole collection if I can afford it. I own the Star Wars prequels and I can’t think of the last time I pulled them out and gave them a look. But Hitchcock and Spielberg? They’re something else.

It dawned on me the other day that Halloween is just around the corner. I have a decent horror film collection but what bugs me is that I only have the first Halloween. It’s my favorite. The others feel disconnected from the first one. Should I buy the rest of them? Ugh. I don’t know. It bugs me to have only one when there are a gazillion of them. I have all the Friday the 13th’s though. Go figure. I think I bought them during a sale.

These films get pulled out every Halloween. Not that I wouldn’t see them during the rest of the year but there’s something about watching horror films during the month of October. Am I right?

Your Favorite…

Inevitably, each of us comes across the question, “What is your favorite…” Movie, song, TV show, etc., etc. It’s difficult to produce ONE thing you’ve seen or heard that is your all time favorite. I grew tired of being asked this and not being able to produce one so I found a novel way to get through it.

First of all I have an all-time favorite list of my favorites. They are not in list order. They are my number ones. And then I rattle a list out. When someone asks me why Seinfeld isn’t my favorite I say it’s on my all-time list.

All-time favorite TV shows?
The Office
I Love Lucy
The Honeymooners
The Odd Couple (1970-1975)
Mary Tyler Moore
Law & Order
Star Trek
Star Trek: The Next Generation
The Twilight Zone
Curb Your Enthusiasm
The Larry Sanders Show
The Rockford Files

All-time Favorite Movies?
Citizen Kane
North By Northwest
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Star Wars
The Empire Strikes Back
The Godfather
The Godfather Part II
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
Trading Places

All-time favorite albums?
Revolver, The Beatles
A Hard Day’s Night, The Beatles
Help!, The Beatles
Rubber Soul, The Beatles
Graceland, Paul Simon
All Things Must Pass, George Harrison
Bob Dylan, Bob Dylan
The Times They Are A-Changin’, Bob Dylan
The Freewheeling’ Bob Dylan, Bob Dylan
Bringing It All Back Home, Bob Dylan
Blonde on Blonde, Bob Dylan
Highway 61, Bob Dylan
Blood on the Tracks, Bob Dylan
Love and Theft, Bob Dylan
Time Out Of Mind, Bob Dylan
Green Day, American Idiot
Nevermind, Nirvana
Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd
The Wall, Pink Floyd
Pet Sounds, The Beach Boys
Exile on Main Street, The Rolling Stones
25, Adele
2001, Dr. Dre

All-Time Favorite Songs?
Yesterday, The Beatles
Like A Rolling Stone, Bob Dylan
Satisfaction, The Rolling Stones
Rocks Off, The Rolling Stones
Shattered, The Rolling Stones
Imagine, John Lennon
Love Minus Zero/No Limit, Bob Dylan
The Times They Are A-Changin’, Bob Dylan
Maggie’s Farm, Bob Dylan
Tangled Up In Blue, Bob Dylan
Shelter From The Storm, Bob Dylan
In My Life, The Beatles
Strawberry Fields Forever, The Beatles
Hey Jude, The Beatles
Let It Be, The Beatles
What is Life?, George Harrison
Hello, Adele
King of Rock, Run DMC

Once I rattles these they-are-so-good-I-can’t-rate-them-on-a-regular-list, it is then, and only then that I can tell you my favorites.

Twenty Years

In a few weeks it will be my twentieth anniversary at my employer. Now you might say, “Twenty years! That’s a long time,” and it might be but it feels like it went in a blink of an eye.

Now here’s the kicker; I hate my job. I not only hate the actual job itself but I hate the managers and the environment I work in. It’s stressful not only because the job is inherently stressful but more so because if you make one little mistake, it could shave years off the reputation you’ve built.

There are cliques, there is favoritism. I could go on and on. And it’s been twenty years of this! I don’t know if it was sheer laziness or if I settled in some way but here I am; twenty years.