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From the other day’s festivities.

Clearly, leaving my electronic devices unattended and unlocked around the house is a no-no.

On Relationships

“You can’t just chop up the aspects of a relationship into discrete parts and select the ones you want like a buffet.” I’ve been binge watching Parks and Recreation for a few weeks now and that’s a quote from an episode from season four… Continue Reading “On Relationships”

On Love

I always have this feeling of desperation. I want to tell you everything. I wish I could tell you everything all at once and have it make sense but that’s impossible. I tell you so very little and I’m afraid that I’m shooting myself… Continue Reading “On Love”


There are those moments in the day when I agree with you. Things wouldn’t work between us even if we tried. But then there other moments when I believe there is something there, something bigger than the both of us and that we are… Continue Reading “You”

A Thing About Love

I have always struggle with the definition of love. I was watching an episode of Mad Men last night where Jon Hamm’s character Donald Draper tells someone that the definition of love was invented by someone like him, an advertising agent. I believe that… Continue Reading “A Thing About Love”